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Alitura At-Home Facial Kit
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The perfect introduction to a spa quality, luxury skincare routine right from the comfort of your home. Enjoy what many people are calling the most effective protocol for a crystal clear complexion. Save hundreds on spa visits! includes 4-7 Spa-grade treatments per kit.

The Alitura At-Home Facial Kit includes:

    •1 – The Alitura Clay Mask (2 oz)
    •1 – The Alitura Gold Serum (50 ml)
    •1 – The Alitura Pearl Cleanser (15 ml)
    •1 – The Alitura Derma Roller (.25mm)
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The #1 Cause of Dull, Wrinkled Skin is...

Pollution, heavy metals, and other debris that clog your pores, and block them from getting the nutrients your skin needs to thrive. 

Meanwhile, all of those expensive serums, oils, and moisturizers are just sitting on top of your skin, not soaking in.

But you can get the glowing, radiant skin of your dreams. And you can do it without using damaging chemicals.

Gold Serum
Go from lackluster to luminous by strengthening collagen to reduce wrinkles and improve texture

Raphael  "I use the Gold Serum daily, and find it makes my skin feel hydrated, and fantastic! The Daily Moisturiser has traditionally been my favourite Alitura product, but the Gold Serum has now taken that #1 spot in my eyes. I’ve only stacked other products on the Serum a couple of times, but find I get enough out of the Serum standalone.”

Clay Mask
Thoroughly draw out toxins to purify at the deepest dermal layers for porcelain-smooth skin

Pamela V.  “I am a licensed Esthetician and this Alitura clay mask is incredible! As a pre-treatment, it makes extractions a breeze while leaving the skin looking great. It is incredibly easy to adjust it for different skin types depending on what you use as a liquid. Truly works for all skin types and all skin conditions. The immediate and long term glow is quite amazing!"

Pearl Cleanser
Packed with carefully sourced ingredients to reveal skin that’s fresh, radiant and soft as silk

Alissa F.  "I have extremely sensitive skin and have never been able to use products on my skin. IE : just rinsing with water for cleansing and never using any type of moisturizer! I'm 61 and can use all of the Alitura products with zero problem!! In fact, I have had many compliments on my skin over the last year which I've NEVER had in my life. Also, their customer support couldn't be any better!!"

Derma Roller
Our secret weapon for boosting collagen, diminishing dark circles, and minimizing pore size

Maggie W.  "I delayed using the roller due to fear of needles on my face. I finally used it and I love the results! I have a healthy glow and my skin feels firmer from the increased blood flow and circulation. My goal is to reduce sagging skin and fine lines, and improve my skin discoloration. The tutorials are very clear and helpful. Good luck on the success of your skincare line, Andy! I think it's a winner with the the very best products!"

Real Alitura Customers
“I got rid of all the medications once I started using the mask! After about 3 weeks, I started to use it with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of water, which I noticed made a big difference! I would say it took a little bit more than 30 days for the scars to diminish about 95%!

For the longest time I felt like it was never going to go away which is why I am truly blessed for all the knowledge and resources I have gained along the way. Thank you for your products and for creating a message that tells women and men to stay natural and embrace their inner and outer beauty.”
- Olivia
"Thank you Alitura for lifting my spirit! I was struggling with cystic acne and red scarring for years and it was really taking its toll on my emotions. I met Andy and his passion for healing naturally was infectious! I started using the clay mask regularly and really believed it would work by the way I could feel it pulling toxins out and decongesting my skin by the stimulating circulation. I also resonate with the pure ingredient list and mix my mask with water and a few drops of frankincense. The Alitura products tremendously helped me reflect the same radiance and clarity, I currently feel in my spirit, out through my face! Thank you, Thank you!"
- Krista
What Wellness Experts Are Saying
Over 2000+ 5-Star Reviews
"The difference is hugely profound; I haven't found anything at any price that does what Alitura does. I appreciate, and most importantly trust Andy's attention to detail and clean ingredients when formulating his products"
Dave Asprey
"I think there can be a misconception that natural skincare doesn't really work, but I've tried Andy's products and I'm a believer!"
Katie Wells
"With its groundbreaking, top quality, science-backed, and all natural ingredients, Alitura is quite simply the most luxuriously effective anti-aging skin care line I’ve ever used. I am truly blown away by the different I’ve seen in such a short period of time - my skin not only looks and feels younger, but it radiates health! My nighttime routine favorites - the Derma Roller, Clay Mask, Gold Serum, and Night Cream - are must haves for every bathroom counter!"
Dr. Sarah Ballantyne
Celebs Masking Up
James & Kimberly Van Der Beek
Hollywood Actors
Jenna Dewan
Hollywood Actress
Dave Asprey
Bulletproof Founder
Yasiel Puig
LA Dodgers
Made For You
We created our clay mask, rich with vitamins, minerals, and skin-saving antioxidants because there was nothing like it on the market.

Most skincare products only work on the surface, and can actually damage delicate skin tissues over time, resulting in more fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

Only Alitura promises nutrient-dense, active ingredients proven to: Exfoliate, Detox, Shrink pores, Soften and smooth, Tighten, Hydrate, Regenerate skin cells, and more!

Our Story
Wow, what a ride it’s been! On March 20, 2011 I woke up in in an ICU bed after getting hit by series of large vehicles while crossing a busy intersection. Lucky to be alive, I laid in the middle of Melrose Avenue semi-conscious as paramedics and first responders cut my clothes off of me to move me into the ambulance as quickly as possible. 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and the worst compound fracture that the maxillofacial specialist at the hospital had ever seen… I knew I had a long road to recovery.
That accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise: it was the catalyst that rocked me towards my purpose of helping others feel better about what they see in the mirror. Unhappy with what I found on store shelves, I became obsessed with active ingredients that would actually create a noticeable difference in my appearance by accelerating the healing of my scarring and abrasions. I drove all around Los Angeles seeking feedback for what was to become The Alitura Clay Mask: a combination of Organic Essential Oils and a mineral-rich blend of four clays, organic superfoods and nutrient-dense ingredients - the response was incredible!
I am so proud and excited to share my products with you. They have changed my life, and I am confident that they will change yours too.

All the best,
Founder & CEO
Made In Malibu, CA
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Alitura Golden Pair

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  • Includes:
  • Gold Serum (50 ml)
  • Clay Mask (2 oz)
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At-Home Facial Kit

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Save 39%
  • Includes:
  • Gold Serum (50 ml)
  • Clay Mask (2 oz)
  • Pearl Cleanser (15 ml)
  • Derma Roller (.25 mm)
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Alitura Skincare Collection

Save 29%
  • Includes:
  • Clay Mask (7.1 oz)
  • Moisturizer (50 ml)
  • Night Cream (50 ml)
  • Body Lotion (200 ml)
  • Pearl Cleanser (100 ml)
  • FREE US Shipping
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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 Our products are made with the highest-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients on the planet. We’re confident you’ll love everything you try, but if for some reason you change your mind, we have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll issue a refund

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